If you visit Ocean City, NJ in the summer, then you know that the salt water taffy is a South Jersey beach tradition. Since 1954, George's Candies has been sharing this tradition with beachgoers and bringing the best salt water taffy to the Ocean City boardwalk.

While we provide the most delicious salt water taffy flavors today, the salt water taffy was first produced in the late 1800s in Atlantic City. The true origin of the candy's name is unknown, but it is believed to have received its name after a candy store flooded during a huge storm in 1883. After the flood, a young girl visited the store and asked if there was any taffy for sale. The candy store owner, David Bradley, joked that the only taffy he had was "salt water taffy" because all his candy had been soaked with salt water. The girl proudly purchased the taffy and walked down the beach to show it to her friends. Bradley's mother heard the exchange from the back of the store. She loved the name "salt water taffy", and thus the salt water taffy was born.

Contrary to common belief, the salt water taffy contains no saltwater from the ocean. However, it is commonly made with salt and water, as well as sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, butter, glycerin, food coloring and flavoring, such as banana, vanilla and lemon. Though, salt water taffy recipes vary by candy maker.

When the taffy was first produced, it was made using a method called the taffy pull. After being cooked in a kettle over an open coal fire, the taffy was cooled on a marble slab and pulled from a big hook. Pulling the taffy adds air to sugar and corn syrup mixture, which keeps the taffy soft.  Once pulled, the taffy was hand-rolled on wooden or marble tables and cut into pieces that were about 2-inches in length. Then, the taffy was wrapped in wax paper and twisted at each end. In the past, the taffy was produced and packaged all by hand. Today, the pulling and packaging processes are completed by machines, allowing candy makers to produce more salt water taffy in a shorter period of time.

At George's Candies, we provide the freshest and tastiest salt water taffy in Ocean City, NJ. Stop by our store on the boardwalk or visit us online to order your salt water taffy.